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Debating Books
Last updated November 2002 by Colm Flynn
These are a list of books you can buy on debating and public speaking in general.  I have not read them all.  In fact to be honest I have only read 2 of them Pros and Cons: a debaters handbook and The Oxford Union Guide to successful public speaking. However if you are looking for books on debating and public speaking then this list may be a good start point.

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Pros and Cons: A Debaters Handbook ~ Trevor Sather, Will Hutton  REVIEWED BELOW
The Oxford Union Guide to Successful Public Speaking ~ Dominic Hughes, Benedict Phillips (Paperback - 25 May, 2000) REVIEWED BELOW
Basic Debate ~by Leslie Phillips, et al REVIEWED BELOW
Debating Points ~ Henry L. Tischler(Editor), Henry L Tischler (Paperback - 29 February, 2000)
Elements of Persuasion, The ~William A. Covino
European Debating Championships, Aberdeen ~Duncan Cockburn(Editor), Nicole Papadopoulos(Editor)
How to Debate (Speak Out, Write On! Book) ~ Robert E. Dunbar (School & Library Binding - January 1994)
Journals and Debating Speeches ~John Stuart Mill, John M Robson
London Debating Societies, 1776-99 ~Donna T Andrew(Editor)
Nonpolicy Debate ~Michael D. Bartanen, David A. Frank
The Debater's Guide ~ Jon M. Ericson, et al
The Middle School Debater ~ Josephine Davidson
Public Speaking in general
The Oxford Union Guide to Successful Public Speaking ~ Dominic Hughes, Benedict Phillips (Paperback - 25 May, 2000) REVIEWED BELOW
After this the books are arranged in alphabetical order.
Basic Oral Communication ~Glenn R. Capp, et al
Basic Public Speaking ~Patricia Bradley Andrews
Building a Speech ~Sheldon Metcalfe
Clear Speech ~Malcolm Morrison
Effective Public Speaking ~Joe Ayres, Janice Miller
Getting Started in Public Speaking ~James Payne, Diana B Carlin
I'd Rather Die Than Give a Speech ~Michael M. Klepper, Robert E. Gunther
Organizing a Speech ~Judy L. Haynes
Painless Public Speaking ~Abne M Eisenberg, Teri Kwal Gamble
Public Speaking ~Clella Jaffe
Public Speaking ~Steven A Beebe, Susan J Beebe
Public Speaking : Content and Communication ~Charles S. Mudd, Malcolm O. Sillars
Public Speaking Today ~Diana B. Carlin, James Payne
The Art of Public Speaking ~ Lucas (Paperback - 1 August, 2000)
Stuff I Wish I'd Known : A Practical Guide for High School Speech and Drama Teachers by Toby Heathcotte
The Art of Rhetoric ~Aristotle, Hugh Lawson-Tancred(Translator)
The Bluffer's Guide to Public Speaking ~Chris Steward, Mike Wilkinson
The Communication Handbook for School-To-Work ~South-Western Educational Publishing, Peter McBrdide(Editor)
The New Public Speaker ~Ronald B. Adler, George Rodman
The Public Speaker's Joke Book ~ Kevin Goldstein-Jackson
The Public Speaking Guide ~Joseph A. Devito
The Power of Public Speaking ~ Marie Stuttard (Paperback - January 1997)

Pros & Cons: A debaters handbook
by Trevor Sather, Will Hutton
I strongly recommend this book.  I purchased a copy some months ago and was surprised at just how useful it was (it was "borrowed" at the Worlds in Sydney and not returned, that's probably a recommendation in itself.).  It will not replace the need to do research (as the authors admit in the book) but it is an invaluable aid in training and helping to gather your thoughts particularly in a 15 min prep (e.g. World Championships) situation.  Use it NOT as the core of your argument but to help focus your thoughts in 2 min as opposed to 10 thus giving you more time to expand and develop your case.  I recommend that anyone who is serious about debating purchase a copy of this book.  Every self respecting Debating society should invest in a copy.  £11.99 is not much when compared to the thousands of pounds many societies spend travelling around the circuit each year.  I also recommend you purchase through  I paid £5 more through a bookshop and had to wait two weeks for them to order it.
Official Blurb: This handbook is a guide to controversies, providing material for debate on a wide range of topics. Arguments for and against each subject appear in adjacent columns for comparison and related topics and suggestions for motions are listed at the end of each entry. Since its first publication in 1896 the handbook has been regularly updated and this edition includes issues such as censorship of the Internet, genetic engineering and legalization of prostitution. The introductory essay describes debating technique: covering the rules, structure, and types of debate and offering tips on how to become a successful speaker. The book is then divided into six thematic sections, where specific subjects are covered individually. Price: £11.99 (Paperback) £35.00 (Hardcover) (prices in sterling)

This is an excellent book.  It is a must buy for anyone interested in Public speaking.  Dom Hughes and Ben Phillips were finalists in the 1998 World Debating championships held in Athens, Greece.  However this book goes far beyond Debating and British Parliamentary.  It contains Public Speaking tips and suggestions for everyone from those preparing for the World Championships to Wedding Speeches and Business Presentations.  As with P&C any serious debating society should invest in a copy of this book (several copies actually).
The part I was particularly impressed by was the Workshops and Tutorials contained in the book.  Most societies engaged in competitive debating hold workshops for new speakers.  However methods of conducting these workshops vary from college to college and most have limited success.  The ones contained in this book may finally give an insight on why Oxford has been so successful at bringing new speakers through their ranks faster than most major societies.  Certainly these workshops will form the backbone of the workshops to be conducted at the Limerick Debating Union next season.  
Buy the book at: Virgin Books or on
Official Blurb:
The Oxford Union Guide to Successful Public Speaking
Author: Dr Dominic Hughes and Benedict Phillips
Published: 25 May 2000
Pages: 240
Price: £9.99
Discount Price:
£ 7.99
You save: £ 2.00 (20%)
In The Oxford Union Guide to Public Speaking, Dr Dominic Hughes and Benedict Phillips, the Oxford Union's most successful debating pair in recent years, give tips and advice on all forms of public speaking - from the wedding address to the boardroom presentation.  
  • The essential tool for anyone wishing to become an accomplished public speaker
  • The guide to giving the best 'best man' speech ever
  • Practical tips for presenting persuasive business presentations
  • Advice on how to choose, prepare and present your speech
  • The secrets behind writing and performing great speeches clearly explained
  • Case studies and lessons from famous speeches and speakers
Since it was founded in 1823, the Oxford Union has established itself as the world's leading forum for debate. It is the place US senators visited to ask advice on the conduct of debates; a breeding ground for great orators - six former Union Presidents and Vice-Presidents have gone on to become Prime Minister - and it has attracted an unparalleled collection of speakers over the years, including the Dalai Lama, Malcolm X, Yasser Arafat, Henry Kissinger, Mother Teresa, Billy Joel, Ronald Reagan, Stephen Hawking and Diego Maradona. The Oxford Union is the only institution with the experience and stature to produce the definitive guide to public speaking.

Reviews (from
The author, Larry Galizio , 20 November, 1998
I co-authored this text because I wanted my students to have access to a reader-friendly book that explained the theory and practice of the popular format for public argument known as parliamentary debate. While a primary audience for Elements is the student competing in organized debate competition, our intent was also to provide an explanation of this dynamic debate format to members of civic and political organizations seeking an interesting and constructive way to discuss significant issues. I hope you find the text helpful and informative. Please contact me with any questions, comments, or feedback! Larry Galizio
Focusing on the major types of debate that common for American high school students, this book is designed to serve as a primer on debate, although it would be a useful resource for more experienced debaters also. The first several chapters deal with the building blocks for argumentation -- analysis, research and reasoning, with exercises and discussion topics included after each chapter. The authors then turn to a nuts-and-bolts coverage of the three most common types of debate -- Lincoln-Douglas Debate (where the debate centers on a value propositions); Two-man or policy debate (where the debate centers on a broad question of public policy, such as foreign trade or education reform); and Student Congress, or parliamentary debate (where the debate is conducted pursuant to Roberts Rules of Order and the discussion centers on specific items of mock legislation). This nuts-and-bolts section covers the essential elements of a case, the relevant burdens of proof and argumentation, and the particular skills that are so important to each type of debate.

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